Being Part Of The Smart Industry

In the upcoming years, hundreds of billion Connected Devices are expected to be on the market. By buying our chips, you can be sure to become a part of the future.

Optimized Systems On Chip

Flexible and Trusworthy Team

+30 Years Of Experience in ULP Designs

Smart city


A complete Team of Radio Based SoC Design Experts


This experienced team is able to provide an efficient and flexible result according to the customers' requirements and needs.

The team in charge of SoC designs is made of senior experts in each necessary specialization including :

Digital Design & Chip Architecture

MCU Design

Analog Design

Radio Design

Firmware & Application Support

World Class Security For Silicon Including Security Certifications

SoC Integration and Physical Design with Die cost optimization

Production Control (Foundry Control, Test, Qualification, Packaging, Yield Survey...)