We Are Committed To Provide High Quality System On Chips

The Radio

The Radio oversees the RF interface of the circuit. It ensures cellular communications with the radio Network and GNSS function. It includes a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for handling Software Defined Radio (SDR). It comes with an NVM pre-loaded NB-IoT Software Stack that can be replaced by another Radio stack at the customer's request.

Application Processor

The AP is a RISC-V CPU core@200MHz (Cortex M4 level), which hosts the main application of the Connected Object. It controls the sensors and can perform algorithms based on the sensors data.


The NVM sub-system handles the embedded Flash memory and allows the other sub-systems to access it.


It is part of the Radio block and provides geographical positions of the circuit based on GNSS information (GPS, Beidou, Galileo).


Ultra-Low-Power mode to ensure +10 years of battery life.

The iSE

The iSE embeds adequate cryptographic and security resources. In addition to the iSIM functionality, it can provide cryptographic services or secure storage to the AP. Our SoC also includes a standard ISO7816 UICC reader interface for external SIM/e-SIM.


Ultra-Low-Power and Secure SoC at Low Cost for NB-IoT

Turnkey solution for device makers: ONE chip including Application Processor, Radio sub-system, Secure Element (iSIM for instance), and required embedded software and services to operators.

Being able to safely run all the applications in the same SoC and be ready for 5G challenges

Design Ultra-Low-Power mode for long-life battery

Optimize the Die size for a low-cost target